Busy Weekend

This weekend was a pretty busy one. If I wasn’t out of the house, I was working on a client project. On Saturday, I went to the Gathering of the Clans, a work event, and took many photographs while watching people geocache, hike, bike and then we ate beef on a bun. All in all, it was a great event and I’m glad I went. The activities weren’t really interesting to me, but taking photographs of people doing them was very relaxing, and I definitely got a good workout hiking all over Brant Tract.

The only real downside was the mosquitoes which, oddly enough, decided that I was a good meal. I am still trying not to scratch the more than a dozen welts on my arms, neck and face.

On Sunday, I went to the local girls soccer tournament, and took some photos there, one of which might even appear in the local newspaper, if they accept it. I definitely enjoyed trying to do sports photography. I don’t think I did very well at it, but I learned a great deal from the attempt.

If you want to see the photos I took over the weekend, just head on over to my Flickr account.

Now, I am back to work, looking forward to my next weekend…

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