Ideas and Advice at Work

Nearly every day, I give advice and ideas that I think could improve the organization in some way. Most of the time, people are asking me for these ideas, and I give them willingly because I really enjoy trying to come up with solutions to problems. I like to think of myself as an “idea guy”. The problem is that most people don’t actually use anything I give them.

The worst offender of this is someone in tourism. It isn’t that this person says they disagree with me and that’s why they don’t use my ideas, but instead they make it sound like they do agree with me and then nothing comes from the ideas. Sure, maybe they are too swamped with work, but some of the things I’ve come up with would take a little time to implement and end up saving time each day.

I really feel like I’ve come to the point now though where I don’t want to share my ideas and advice at work because it isn’t enacted on, and what good is an idea that only exists as an idea?

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