Marketing Bruce County

I always assumed that the marketing job that I didn’t get was lost to the person that currently works there, but I recently found out that I wasn’t even a finalist for the job, a realization that kind of frustrated me. I had always directed my frustration towards the person currently in the position because I assumed they had picked him over me, and I was quick to try to point out the differences in our experiences and knowledge. Had I known that I wasn’t even a finalist, I doubt I would have been so hard on him, and our relationship so strained. I still have to work with him every week, and feel bad for how I acted.

I really believed that I deserved the job more than him, but even if he hadn’t received the job, it would have went to someone else, and not to me. I guess it was really egotistical for me to assume I came in second place. Live and learn, I suppose.

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