Logo Design Frustration

Over the last three months, I’ve been working with the local library to get ready for a re-branding effort, the first part of which would be a logo design. After presenting my case to the Library board, we moved ahead with the project, and set a date to launch our crowdsourcing initiative. We lined up the date perfectly with the next Library board meeting in hopes that we could present the short list of potentials, and come out with a new logo quickly.

I was supposed to just be one of three to five people working on narrowing down the selection process. I was not supposed to be the front man, organizing everything, making sure people were paid or anything to that effect. I was supposed to meet up with the Library representative on Monday to launch the contest, and so I drove an hour there only to find out that he is on holidays.

We had already put the advertisement in the newspaper regarding the contest, and as such, we couldn’t back out. It was then up to me to step up and manage everything, a role that I wouldn’t mind taking on except for the fact that I wasn’t given any advanced notice.

Now, I am the only one dealing with what was supposed to be a five person effort to create the short list of candidates for the new Library logo that will be used in over a dozen branches. I am super stressed out over the whole thing, and feel a little angry that it turned out this way and that I was just expected to step up and lead the project to a successful completion.

Here’s hoping I can effectively determine what makes up a good logo for a Library that I have no connection to, no true understanding of, and no current contact at.

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