Client Work Struggles

I sometimes wish I never agreed to do client work. Adding additional hours on to my day each evening isn’t very fun, and the work I get to do isn’t always fulfilling. The reason I continued doing client work once I got a job with the County was to make some much needed money, and to do things that inspired me. Neither of those things are really happening anymore. The money I am making is nice, but it is superfluous now that the house has sold. Sure, it will still be nice to get, but time can be so much more precious than money. Also, the projects I’ve been working on haven’t been really inspiring. There is one that I am enjoying a little, but it is a flat HTML site, and as such it has its own frustrating moments.

Once I complete these final two client sites, I’ll no longer be taking on client work. This will give me the free time to write, to rest, and to enjoy my life just a little more. I just hope that I can wrap up these projects soon. One of them has been going on for months now…

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