iPhone 4th Generation: I’ll Buy One

All my life, I’ve had two cell phones. One was given to me from the college I went to. It was a low end phone and super bulky when compared to the phones today. My next phone, which I bought a year ago, is a Samsung SCH 410, a little clamshell phone that doesn’t do much other than make and receive phone calls.

I’ve always wanted a better phone and have watched enviously as people around me buy Blackberries and iPhones. I kept telling myself that I would wait a bit longer to see what smartphone developers would come up with. I’ve watched the Android phones, Windows Mobile devices, and continued to be impressed by all of them.

Now, with the iPhone 4th generation coming down the pipe, I am going to buy in. I think having what amounts to a computer in my pocket with potentially a constant connection to the Internet is just something I can no longer live without.

When I was working from home, it was hard to justify, but now, living in the middle of nowhere, I constantly find myself in situations that would be made better by being able to access Google Maps, or do a search on their search engine, or just being able to e-mail someone.

Interested in a product at a store? Open a web browser, do some searches for reviews and prices. Got to a movie early and need to wait? Play some amazing looking games, or write out your to-do list for the next day. Have a great story idea? Record a quick audio clip about it, and transfer it to your computer when you get home.

Since my current provider, Koodo Mobile won’t have the iPhone, I am going to have to sign up with someone else. The choices this time around seem to be Virgin Mobile, Rogers, Fido and Bell. None of which are going to give me the value that Koodo has given me.

I will probably get a limited cellular account, since I don’t make many calls. I might get a my-five long distance thing so I can call Sabine, and some other family members or friends. The rest of the cost will all be data costs. I am hoping that Rogers rolls out the $30 for 6GB deal that they did with the first release of the iPhone, as that would be ideal for me. Otherwise, I will be paying around $30 per month for one or two gigabytes, a cap that I might go over.

I am also worried that living out in the middle of nowhere will mean poor service. I have looked at all of their coverage maps, and they appear to service this area, but with my Koodo service, I constantly find dead spots.

In the end, I am going to be spending far too much money on my next cell phone, but only because I want a computer in my pocket that is constantly connected to the Internet. Am I crazy? Maybe…


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  1. Stephanie

    My mom bought the 4th gen iphone this week, and as such as given me her 3rd gen iphone – woot. I’m excited about that. I’m with rogers, who I was with for my regular cell phone before, and don’t mind them quite so much.

    • David Peralty

      I am thinking Rogers, Fido or Virgin Mobile. I’ve never had good experiences with Bell… but it will come down to “who can give me the plan I need for the lowest price”.

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