Camera I Would Like to Own: Canon Digital Rebel T2i

I’ve always been a fan of taking pictures. If it was up to me, it would be one of my daily jobs. Right now, I am coveting the Canon Digital Rebel T2i, an 18MP digital SLR with some great features. It costs around $1000, and I hear the kit lens isn’t the greatest, but it has HD video recording, and seems to have a fast focus lock, and other great goodies for an entry level digital SLR.

From Best Buy’s Website:

  • Shoot up to 3.7 frames per second for up to 6 consecutive RAW files
  • The new Movie Crop function lets you crop and SD-quality movie (640×480) to the equivalent of nearly 7x magnification of regular shooting
  • A dual-layer, 63-zone sensor measures the amount of light, colour and luminosity for stunning accuracy and spectacular results every time
  • Use the handy Quick Control button to access the settings you use most
  • A 3″ Clear View LCD monitor features anti-reflective and water-repellant coatings; plus, you can adjust the level of brightness based on ambient lighting
  • Go from movies to still shots (and back again) with a simple press of the Live View/Movie shooting button

Why don’t I just go buy it? Currently, I am not only supporting myself and my life in Walkerton, but also Sabine. And despite recently selling our house, my expenses aren’t going to go down much. In fact, they might even go up a bit. Add to that, a maxed out credit card, and you have a situation where this geek can’t afford any new gadgets right now, especially ones that cost the same as my whole last computer.

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