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On December 16th, 2022, I wrote a post called AI Generated Fiction Content. Lately, I’ve been seeing videos of people doing everything with AI tools, even publishing entire books.

What I wanted to do today was circle back around and see what ChatGPT 4 would do for the prompt I used before, and what image would I get from MidJourney v5? Go check out my previous post and look at the image and writing that I had previously received before continuing this post.

The prompt again is:

Your roommate is a hulking demon, a former warlord with millennia of combat experience, and the picture of menace and brutality. You just caught them halfway through a gallon-sized bucket of your favorite ice cream, frozen like a deer in headlights.


And here’s what ChatGPT 4.0 spat out:

Once upon a time in a cozy apartment, nestled deep within the heart of a bustling city, lived a peculiar pair. On one side of the living room stood a collection of potted plants, succulents, and cacti, a testament to the nurturing nature of the human tenant, Alex. On the other side, an assortment of weapons and trophies from countless battles showcased the prowess of their unlikely roommate, Gorgathrax, a hulking demon and former warlord with millennia of combat experience.

Gorgathrax, the picture of menace and brutality, stood at a staggering nine feet tall. With crimson skin covered in intricate scars, piercing yellow eyes, and sharp horns that curved skyward, the demon had inspired fear and awe in countless foes. Despite this fearsome appearance, Gorgathrax had grown tired of the endless cycle of war and sought refuge in the human realm. It was then that they had crossed paths with Alex, an aspiring writer who, against all odds, had offered them both shelter and friendship.

Though their cohabitation had its fair share of oddities, the two had developed a peculiar understanding. Alex, who had always been a curious soul, reveled in the opportunity to learn about the demon’s exploits, while Gorgathrax reveled in the mundane aspects of human life, like binge-watching TV shows and devouring copious amounts of junk food.

One quiet evening, after an exhausting day at work, Alex returned home to find the front door ajar. Concerned, they rushed inside, fearing the worst. What they found, however, was not what they expected.

There, in the dimly lit kitchen, stood Gorgathrax, frozen like a deer in headlights, with a gallon-sized bucket of Alex’s favorite ice cream cradled in their massive clawed hands. The hulking demon had managed to devour more than half of the frozen treat in one sitting, leaving behind a trail of melted ice cream on the floor.

“Gorgathrax!” Alex exclaimed, torn between amusement and disbelief. “Is that my Rocky Road ice cream?”

The demon’s eyes shifted nervously, and for a moment, the once-terrifying warlord appeared almost… sheepish.

“I, uh, I can explain,” Gorgathrax stuttered, their usual booming voice considerably softer. “You see, I was intrigued by the human obsession with this… icy confection, and I… I couldn’t help myself.”

Alex couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at the sight of the demon trying to defend their indulgence.

“Alright, Gorgathrax, I won’t judge. Just make sure to replace the ice cream next time, okay?” Alex said, shaking their head in amusement.

Gorgathrax let out a sigh of relief and nodded, a toothy grin spreading across their fearsome face. “I promise, Alex. I shall replace your precious Rocky Road ice cream, and perhaps even try some other flavors in the process.”

With that, the unlikely roommates shared a hearty laugh, the surreal scene dissolving into the warmth of their strange friendship. From that day on, Gorgathrax embraced their newfound love for ice cream, and the duo enjoyed many more pints together, the once-terrifying demon proving that even the fiercest of creatures could find solace and companionship in the most unlikely of places.

Is that better or worse than the previous attempt? It is certainly longer with more descriptive words, but let me know your thoughts.

I am super excited about the utility of these tools for my own needs, but also very concerned about the potential for job loss. I’m seeing insights that say developers with a previous generation tool are already on average over 30% more productive, meaning that companies could likely reduce their software engineering team by almost a third if they provide AI tools and training to their staff.

What will ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other tools be like in another few generations? We probably won’t have to wait long to find out!

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