Covid Response in Canada: An Open Letter

I emailed something similar to the following to my MP and MPP regarding the recent response to Covid-19.

I am emailing you today as a concerned citizen regarding the “second wave” of Covid we are experiencing as a Country. I am hopeful that you and the rest of our elected government can see that the best chance for economic recovery isn’t one of lax protectionism but a focus on getting rid of this virus quickly, no matter the short term cost.

I know typically health related stuff isn’t under the purview of the Federal government but I ask that you take a public stance asking for more aggressive measures to be taken and more social support to be put in place so we can slow this pandemic while thousands of companies work towards treatments and vaccines. 

I implore you to speak loudly about the loss of life we’ve experienced and the loss of economic power behind that loss.

In Canada alone, we’ve already lost a Smith Falls size population of people. Or put another way, if we assume a 737 airplane holds around 200 people, then Canada has seen almost 54 airplanes full of people fall from the sky and perish.

I don’t think our reaction as a society is enough considering that loss of life. More needs to be done. More has to be done. Every favour you’ve earned, every penny of political capital you have should be going towards convincing others that a more aggressive stance in fighting this pandemic needs to be taken.

I’m not looking for any response from you or your office to this email. Actions speak louder than words.

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