Walking – April Health Challenge

In April, Annie and I decided to move a bit more. I probably do around one to two thousand steps per day, but could I ramp that up to two-hundred thousand in a month?

As I do with most challenges, the first part was the easiest. I was doing nearly ten thousand steps per day for a week, while Annie, who was still working on school work, was doing around seven thousand per day. We aren’t really competitive with each other, but we hoped that comparing and contrasting would keep us engaged in the challenge.

By the end of April 15th, I was at 105,665 steps, a little past the half-way point in both steps at the half-way point in days. I felt fairly confident that not only was I going to be able to complete the challenge, but I was going to go well over. Annie, now finishing up school, started to increase her pace. She was the only one of us to get days over 10,000 steps and she ended the month with three such days.

I know these numbers are small compared to what others are able to do. You know who you are!

Anyways, by the end of the month, we both only had a few steps left to go, and we both completed the challenge. Annie finished a day early with over ten thousand steps on April 29th to cross the finish line, and I finished on the last day of the month.

May Challenge – Journaling and Gratefulness Log

In May, Annie and I are going to journal each day at least one hundred words, and include at least one thing we are grateful for. The goal is to try to keep our spirits up during the pandemic that never feels like it is going to end, as well as trying to remember how lucky we are.

Self-reflection, taking time to audit how your day went and how you want it to go tomorrow, can be a very positive mental exercise, and not one I’ve been taking time to do lately.

I love writing, but with how busy I’ve been lately, this might actually be a difficult challenge for me. I’m hopeful that at the end of the month, I have at least thirty short write-ups of how my month went.

2 responses to “Walking – April Health Challenge”

  1. So glad you both completed the steps challenge – my question is; are you going to keep it up?

    Journalling is interesting – I’ve been doing it since 2019 on and off.

    Hope you’re both doing well, same old, same old here. ;-P



  2. No, of course we aren’t going to keep it up. We both know we need to move more and will endeavor to do so, but I can’t see us continuing at that same amount. Annie might do more than me going forward, and that makes sense as she’s off from school and I have too much work to do right now.

    As for writing a journal, I forgot how much I enjoy it. I used to do it when I was younger, a good portion of it on my personal blog…lol.

    We are doing well though. Life isn’t super different for me. And as you said, same old, same old.

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