THIA Project

While I’ve been out of work, I haven’t been sitting idle. I’ve been balancing my time between applying for new opportunities, helping 1 Million Teachers where I can, and developing an idea of my own.

THIA Project is a concept that I had more than half a year ago, and I’ve been spending more and more time on developing it. The goal is to create a youth focused, gamified educational and community platform specifically focused on mental health and mental health triggers.

I have started to put everything together for an alpha product that I can have people try. I’ve been working hard on a website, YouTube videos, and extensive business planning. Business planning is not really my forte, so I’m definitely working through that large learning curve. I do feel that I’m finally getting to the point though where bringing on outside help makes sense. I’ve let my friends and family know on Facebook that I’m looking for help and I have been ramping up my attendance at local business events in Kingston.

What will happen with the THIA Project is unknown, but I definitely enjoy spending time on this endeavour and believe it to be a worthwhile cause. If you would like to learn more about what I am doing and why, please check out my three slide presentation below.

If you are interested in helping or know someone that might be, please have them contact me by commenting on this post, or via my contact form.

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