Hyperspeed Job Update: Three Weeks In

So I’ve been through three weeks at Innovate Kingston working on The Breakout Project. It has been a busy three weeks, to say the least.

The first few days were brain dump meetings with board members and transferring ownership/control of many IT accounts to me. I also redeveloped the event website in WordPress, as it was in Drupal and I’m not as savvy with that CMS.

I think I made a small mistake though in choosing Digital Ocean as the new web host for the site, as I completely spaced on the fact that it is a VPS that requires me to work through the Linux command line and set-up a LEMP stack that works effectively for WordPress. The server management piece took far longer than I was hoping or expected, but I am glad I was still able to do it and took ownership over it so that if any issues come up, I can hopefully handle them.

Other than that, I probably shouldn’t talk too much about what I am doing (without approval from the Communications Lead), but I can say that there have been a few fourteen hour days and there are likely many more on the horizon, though I’m trying to be as efficient ass possible with my time so that I can avoid some of them.

Just so there is no confusion, I am absolutely loving the job! I have a huge amount of authority and autonomy at Innovate Kingston and I really appreciate it. I am amazed, looking back to when I first started, how many things that have changed.

I am using all of my skills, just as I thought I would.

2 responses to “Hyperspeed Job Update: Three Weeks In”

  1. Hey Pony, question about your standard WordPress setup, in regards to modules. What do you use for security? Besides making sure core and plugins are up to date.

    • WordFence Security is pretty good. But even just having a plugin that removes hints about which WordPress version you are running and something like Login Lockdown (which also allows you to suppress login errors) is pretty powerful. And of course making sure core and plugins are up to date. Here’s a great guide – https://yoast.com/wordpress-security/

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