Family Communication

I basically only have a Facebook account to keep track of what is happening in the lives of my family and friends. Most of the time when I go on Facebook, I go into the secret groups being used to organize family events and then leave the site. Facebook allows a simple way to do one to many communication and organize family events on a consistent basis.

In a recent visit with some family, they lamented that things are being organized on Facebook and because they never go on there, they didn’t see the messages. I asked them what the family should do to organize events, and their response was to text them.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work well for consistent group communication. With texting you don’t have the control to stop getting notifications and texting can be much more invasive than a Facebook post on a shared group. Also, in most texting applications, it doesn’t really do many to many very well, so responses typically only go back to the person that sent out the original multi-person text.

It seems today, with Facebook becoming “uncool” that those younger than myself really need to find a site that they can all gather on that isn’t instantly made uncool by their parents and grandparents joining so that family events can be planned and organized.

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