Two Years with Annie

Yesterday, Annie and I celebrated two years together. Unfortunately, I had to work, and Annie had a doctor’s appointment that made her more than a little uncomfortable, but overall, I think it was a good day.

It started with me sitting at my computer and working away. Then the smell of bacon filled the apartment. Annie made breakfast! We ate it together in the living room before I returned to my office. A torrent of Facebook messages started pouring in to wish us well, which was really nice.

Then Annie wanted to take a shower, but the hot water wasn’t working, so we boiled some water for her to take a bath while I tried to figure out what was wrong with the machine. Turning it off and on again didn’t fix it, so that was all I could do. Thankfully, it started working again on its own after a bit.

I then continued working until Annie’s doctor appointment. We had to go to Oakville for it and got to see the new hospital. It looks like a spa and wellness center mixed with a shopping mall more than a hospital. While there, I walked Kyle through how to set-up a wireless router he had purchased to give his desktop access to the wireless internet.

Once home, Annie wasn’t feeling like doing much of anything, as the procedure had her in pain. I then gave her a small gift of a Kylo Ren bobblehead and a hookup for an electric guitar to be plugged into the Xbox One.

We then spent the evening watching Chuck. Annie worked on a crochet project, and I worked on adding people to my family tree as well as working on the memorial slideshow for my grandma’s celebration of life.

We went to bed at our normal time and watched YouTube videos in bed before falling asleep. It was a really nice day, and while it doesn’t seem crazy out of the ordinary for us, that’s part of what makes it so special. I often get to spend simple, but wonderful days with my best friend and wife. Who could ask for anything more?

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