Looking for Beef Jerky

So, my favourite beef jerky, Big John’s Beef Jerky, is a bit too expensive for me right now thanks to the Canadian to US exchange rate, as well as my currently available disposable income, so I’m on the hunt for a new beef jerky.

Since starting to eat Big John’s Beef Jerky in 2012, I’ve spent over $800 USD on their product, so about $200 per year. It isn’t going to make or break any business, but I can safely say that if I find a new provider, I’ll spend about the same going forward.

It will be difficult for me to switch, though. I really enjoy the product I’ve been getting and I’ve tried most of the local grocery store and convenience store brands. They are either garbage in taste or texture or they are hellishly expensive for what you get.

As a gift/bonus at a previous job, I was asked what I’d like and I had them send me some Big John’s Beef Jerky, so I am a bit of a superfan of their product.

I’ve been getting around 900 grams of amazing beef jerky for around $40 USD. Compare that to the $8+ for 85 grams you’ll often see in grocery and convenience stores and I’m getting much more value for money.

Paying $40 for two pounds of beef jerky wasn’t so bad when the currencies were much closer, but add in shipping and a bit extra ($1/lb) as a penalty for living in Canada, and even with my loyalty reward discount of 5-10% off for being a consistent customer, it is just a little too much money right now.

If I’m able to find a similar product in Canada, for a similar price in Canadian dollars, then I’ll be a happy camper. Otherwise, I’ll just have to buy less jerky, less often from the source I already know and love.

If you have jerky suggestions, send them my way, please! If you work at Big John’s Beef Jerky and see this, I’m sorry and I love you…

2 responses to “Looking for Beef Jerky”

    • Not sure if you read the post, but I was hoping to find a Canadian supplier. Your store doesn’t even offer shipping to Canada. On top of that, your prices aren’t really any better. While you might have an amazing product, you shouldn’t go around teasing us poor Canadians…

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