Free Idea: Popular John’s

So, Annie had me come with her today to go to Victoria’s Secret and during our visit, I whispered to her, “imagine what a guy’s version would look like.” So then, over the next hour or so, I considered what a viable version of Victoria’s Secret would look like for me.

I call it Popular John’s. It would have to be a bit tongue in cheek or it is unlikely that most men would shop there. It could be set-up very similar to Victoria’s Secret in many ways, with different areas for different styles and whatnot. It would have pictures up on the walls of men in their underwear doing manly things. I think it would be funny to have men of all shapes and sizes wearing boxers or briefs and fishing, lifting weights or cutting wood. Of course, the significant others of the men going to Popular John’s would be looking at the more model perfect guys with their crazy abs and arms, but again, this is an opportunity to build a fun men’s brand.

Speaking of the significant others, I’d want to build in a small area for “women in waiting”. Anyone could use the area, but it would be a nice lounge area with magazines and coffee for use while waiting for the shopping to be done. I wish more places that sold women’s clothing had an area to lounge and wait for the shopping to be done. Part of the appeal of Popular John’s should be a bit of role reversal, and that is highlighted by this area.

So you are a man walking around Popular John’s. There are many consultants on the floor ready to help you find what you are looking for. They’ll measure your waist if needed to help you find your best fit. They’ll write down style numbers and information on a card for you to take home if they are out of a size or style you want. Popular John’s wants to make sure men feel pampered and taken care of.

There are different sections in the store based on the type of man you are or, at least, the type of man’s underwear you want to wear. There is a section for the outdoorsman, businessman, construction labourer, hippy, and more. Each section has different underwear styles including thong, boxer, brief, boxer brief, and more. And there would be multiple patterns in each area.

I’d be shopping for superhero or geeky boxer briefs in the office peon section.

Once I’ve found what I’m looking for, I’d go to the change room to try it on. Each pair of underwear would have a sanitary insert, and ask that you keep your own underwear on when trying Popular John’s underwear. Inside the change room, there would be signs and mirrors. The signs are another opportunity to be fun with information like, “how to know if your balls will be comfortable”. Of course the only way to make men try on underwear would be to give them a discount for doing so…

Now that I’ve selected what I want, I purchase it and leave. They’ll update or issue my membership card which will show how popular I am. The more underwear I purchase, the more popular I am and maybe the top three most popular men at Popular John’s in a given week get 15% off their next purchase or something else enticing, convincing them to return.

Finally, on the way out there is a take-home sheet that continues to build the fun brand. It is one page, double sided that discusses funny things like, “how you know you’ve trimmed your pubes too close” or “how to know you are wearing your underwear backwards.” It would also provide a place to give real health information such as how often men should get their testicular health checked.

So that’s my idea. A fun, tongue-in-cheek version of Victoria’s Secret for men where we can buy underwear in a semi-entertaining environment. I give this idea to the universe to make happen!

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