New Year, New Job: Director of Technology at Fortrus Financial

Some of you might not have noticed, but in my Christmas Letter this year, I announced a change in my career. Just before Christmas, I had my last day at 10up. It was really hard to leave, and I’m not ashamed to say that I struggled with the decision. 10up is a great company, with many great people, but I really wanted my career to move to the next level and get back to using more of my “generalist” skill set.

I recently had two different job opportunities waiting for a response and I decided to take the opening at Fortrus Financial where I will be the Director of Technology. While titles don’t matter as much in the technology/new media space, it is nice to receive recognition for the decade of technology/new media experience that I bring to the table.

Fortrus Financial is a financial training and coaching company, focused on providing continual insight on the modern financial market with a focus on Canadian investors. I’ll have the opportunity to get my hands dirty and work directly on building a brand over the long term. I will be able to lead a team, cultivate opportunities and use many of the skills I have in WordPress, online marketing, content development and more.

Currently, the website is powered by Joomla, a CMS that I can use, but I’ll likely be transitioning it over to WordPress since I know it better and can move faster in implementing the changes I feel are needed. I’ll be working directly with the CEO, which will allow me to be agile and efficient. I will primarily be working from home, though for the first while, I expect to be in the office often to learn the in’s and out’s of the business.

I have been creating a list of changes I want to make as the first phase in what I hope to be many phases of evolving the digital and technical side of the business. The document is already over two pages long in bullet point form.

I know that the financial space, like many high impact niches, is very crowded, but I am excited by the challenge, and can’t wait to journal what I’m doing and the results that it creates.

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