One Year with Annie

Yesterday, Annie and I had our one year anniversary. Being married to her for a year was pretty easy and it brought a lot of joy to my life. The only downside was that it passed so quickly but thankfully there are so many positive memories.

We spent the morning relaxing as Annie was dealing with the side effects of some medication she has been on. In the early afternoon, we went out and did some errands before having brunch. I had bacon and eggs, and Annie had french toast, bacon and strawberries. It was a nice way to kick off the afternoon.

We then went to some open houses, before going to Kitchener for supper at Casey’s. The Casey’s there was not as fancy as we were used to, but we enjoyed our meal and the time together.

I can’t explain how much I enjoy being with my wife. We spent the evening cuddling and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation before reading our wedding retrospective blog posts to each other. Before going to bed, we listened to our engagement story. It was a really nice day.

Today, I am heading to Colorado for the all-staff meet-up and I wish Annie was coming with me. I can’t wait to see her again Friday evening. I know I won’t sleep as well without her by my side.

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