Another New Apartment

Written February 8th So Annie and I are moving again. The process of moving so often has definitely taken its toll on me. We are moving from Georgetown to Guelph. I’ll be around another half an hour to forty-five minutes away from my Kingston and Ottawa family and friends, but this apartment provides Annie and I with everything we need.

It is a two bedroom, plus den condo apartment that we are renting. It comes with in-suite laundry, dishwasher, and an underground parking spot. It has an elevator so that Annie’s mom can live with us without issue. It has enough space where we can feel comfortable, but not so much that maintaining it will seem overwhelming. It is also brand new. No one else has lived here before. Annie has been enjoying that fact immensely.

Having a great place to move into doesn’t fix the issues with moving out of the old place though. Both of us hate moving boxes and furniture, so we employed cheap moving companies LLC to help us. Today, I was expecting Bell to come and set-up Internet at the new apartment. Why am I going with Bell after having enjoyed Distributel so much? Well, the building we are moving into are fibre buildings, and it goes right into the unit. Apparently, Bell made a deal with the condos to have exclusivity for a period of time so that it was worth their time to set-up the infrastructure. As far as I know, you can also get Rogers here, but since my cell phone is currently with Bell, I went with them to get a few extra dollars off in a bundle deal.

Annie and I “camped” out at our new apartment so I could be here for our 8AM to 10AM window for the Bell technician to start doing the installation. At 9:45AM, Bell called and let me know they weren’t coming today, but that they could come tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can’t stay here and work from our new apartment yet as my desktop computer is in Georgetown, and I can’t trust that they won’t move the appointment again. On top of all of that, Annie had already left for Church in Georgetown, so I’m stuck, in Guelph, alone, until she is able to get back to me this afternoon. So I called Bell, and let them know how displeased I am. I asked them to move the appointment to next weekend. and guess when the only open spot is? The same time as this weekend. So I’ll miss Church again with Annie, and they better not move the appointment again.

Hopefully, by the time they come, we will have most of our Guelph apartment set-up. On Saturday, Annie and I did a small load of stuff from the storage unit and our apartment, and I quickly realized I have some kind of stress disorder from all the moves I’ve done, and I almost broke down. My poor wife, I was so angry, so frustrated, and there wasn’t anything she could do to help me. I quickly realized that maybe hiring professional movers is the smart choice, both for my emotional state, and my marriage.

I’ve sent out requests for quote to a bunch of BBB listed moving companies in the area in hopes of finding someone that is dependable, high quality but doesn’t break the bank. This move is costing a small fortune, but it had to be done.

Update on February 9th: Of course, once I got the quotes back, the range was from $950 to over $1600 for the move, so I don’t think that’ll work. Annie and I are back to our other plan, which is to rent a trailer or U-Haul and hopefully that’ll work out okay if we can get enough people to help…

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  1. Wow – Mt heart goes out to you both. And I think you are completely allowed a breakdown with all of the stuff you two have had to deal with. Good luck with the move and although I am ok with not physically helping you move 🙂 Know that we would if we could… thought that counts right? and I’m on extra Vitamin D – try it if you are also trapped in sun deprived conditions of late!

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