Short Story: Ownership Papers


Welcome to your new body. The previous owner spent thirty-two years in this body, and while it was not always well taken care of, I am sure you will find it to your satisfaction. Before you begin, there are a few things you should know.

You are now male. This might be a bit confusing at first, but you will acclimate quickly. You selected on your rebirth card that the gender of the donor body didn’t matter to you, and hopefully you will enjoy this change. There are some simple pleasures to being male. Please let us know if you would like more details or instruction relating to this change in gender.

You are also now six feet and one inch tall. The perspective of the world around you will have changed slightly. An increase in six or more inches has previously been shown to be disorienting to those taking on new bodies. Please take your time over the next few days, and explore around you. Dust hiding on top of surfaces that you have never seen before might be surprising.

The body you have entered weighs two hundred and eighty pounds. This is obese, but with your history of physical fitness, we are confident that you can fix this over the next few years. Just be aware that your new body will not initially be as athletic as you are used to. Take your time and provide it with plenty of rest between physical activities.

All organs are in relatively good shape. The body you now inhabit did not drink much alcohol and does not smoke. Your new body also has never had any broken bones. You may feel some aches and pains in the wrists, knees and back, but this is likely due to the original owner sitting for far too long. Up to this point, the career path of your new body was focused on office work, and you may notice minor calluses on your finger tips. Compared to most men of this age, your hands are soft and smooth.

As a youth, and teen, your new body had pneumonia more than half a dozen times. This means that your new body is prone to respiratory issues, and it is recommended that you continue to live away from major pollution zones.

You have likely noticed by now that your eyesight is not as good as it was before. You require prescription glasses, but your eyesight does qualify for laser eye correction surgery, and if you would like to take advantage of a special offer we have, please feel free to contact us.

Overall, we hope that you enjoy your new body, and take full advantage of the second change you have been given. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please keep these papers on file, as they include details relating to your ownership of this body.

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