Christmas Wishlist 2014

I’m starting to get Christmas stuff organized, and as such, I’ve been thinking about my wishlist. Annie’s family is using Wishlistr, and so I’ve posted my details there.

Check out my Wishlistr List.

You’ll see a variety of products at different prices. I’d also love to get gift cards for Cineplex, Chapters, and Mark’s. After searching for a while, I finally found a guide on trimmers by Startifacts I will be adding what I found in later posts, stay tuned.

Annie and I are tight for space, so being able to go to the movies or other experience style things is ideal.

I haven’t been doing as much photography this year, so I’m not skewing my gifts in that direction, though I’d always love receiving photography stuff.

If you have time, please sign-up for Wishlistr and create your own list, as I don’t have a ton of ideas for what to give people, and I’d like to find things that people really want or need.

Christmas is coming up fast!

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