Preparing for a Honeymoon

So Annie and I delayed our honeymoon until her school is done, so we are eagerly awaiting our trip. We’ve decided to head to Florida for two weeks. Universal is expanding its Harry Potter related attractions, and Annie is excited to show me the stuff she has seen before and visit the new areas and rides.

We will be staying at a timeshare that Annie’s mom owns, and while we long thought we were going to drive down, it looks instead as though we will be flying. I recently purchased the tickets, and while I travel to Florida will be leaving really early, it’ll still be much nicer than forty hours of driving.

Our hope is to spend a good amount of time at Universal Studios, and maybe do a few other excursions, but mostly just relax. I’m planning on us bringing the MacBook Pro and the iPad so that we can work a bit on Second Class Supers, and blog. I am also going to bring my digital SLR to take some pictures.

It also looks like we will have a house sitter while we are gone which provides some peace of mind and the owner of the house and a few of my family will be working on some more household renovations while we are gone.

I am looking forward to the trip, though I’m worried about the heat. I’m not a huge fan of heat, but I know that the place we are staying has A/C. It’ll be nice to spend time with Annie and not have any of our normal distractions. Hopefully, everything goes well.

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