Moving My Distributel Service

Despite it costing a bit more money to have Internet in Georgetown, Distributel is the company that I decided to go with after talking to some of Annie’s family and I’ve written about their service a few times on this blog. Feel free to search out my Distributel posts if you are interested. I’ve sprinkled some promotional offers within them look for “ Move Your Money Project” promo codes.

Today, I had to contact them about moving my Internet from my apartment to the new place I’ll be living, and I did so using their chat system. In less than ten minutes, I had a confirmation that my services would be moved.  I got a similarly good service from the movers in Colorado Springs that I hired for some transport, I got lucky, everything is smooth sailing from here.

While their moving fee of $60 is a bit higher than I’d expect, I am going to swallow it because I didn’t have to waste any time calling them, sitting on hold, and slowly reciting all of my information. Using their web chat system was super easy and seamless, and I really appreciate that they could do such a thing for me through that service.

The agent I had, Genevieve, was super helpful, easy to talk to, and fast at responding. She made sure multiple times that I understood what I was asking for, what I’d get and when I would be charged a moving fee. She also made mention of what the next steps are. All of these are important to making a customer feel confident and were handled perfectly.

I really appreciate the service I received today, and I hope the rest of the move goes as smooth. Thanks Genevieve from Distributel.

February 26th Update
Distributel called me last night while I was out, and let me know they would be going to the new place I’m living to install my Internet two days before I move in. Thankfully, the owner of the place has been really accommodating, and gave me a key to go over and wait for the technician, also advised where I can find locals to move other stuff –

As usual, I was told that the install would happen between the hours of eight in the morning and five in the afternoon, an almost useless time range to give someone.

The technician came today at 8:45am and installed and tested the line. After five minutes, he was leaving and on to his next installation. I feel like I’m definitely paying a lot of money for what was a five minute installation, and probably another minute of provisioning. Oh well, at least it was trouble free.

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