Visiting the Mothership

Annie and I just got back the other night from visiting the headquarters of rocketgenius, the company I work for. We went to Virginia on Sunday, and had a great time. The company party on Monday night was amazing, the weather, while rainy, was warmer than here, and I came back with a ton of schwag emblazoned with the rocketgenius logo.

I got to hang out with the dozen people I work with and their significant others. Annie finally got to meet my co-workers, who I’ve talked about for over a year with her.

We stayed in the Aloft Chesapeake, and while it was interesting, I wouldn’t recommend it. It was tucked out of the way, which meant that if you were walking, you couldn’t go see or do anything. The hotel itself was a bit odd, with a young, hip, urban/industrial feel.

Chris Lema and Clay Griffiths ‏were there for our Christmas party, and it was really interesting to hang out with them as well.

Annie had to head back early to go to work, but I got to stay until Thursday. My co-workers organized a go-karting event which was fun, and I hung out with Dave and his wife, Laura, at their place afterwards eating Chinese food and watching an inappropriate movie. I had some great conversations about the economy, minimum wage, and education with Dave as usual.

It was hard to come back home. I missed Annie, but it was nice to feel like a small part of the family that is rocketgenius. I was able to play with a Nexus 5, talk to Carl about upcoming Gravity Forms stuff, hear Alex plan his next trip to Brazil, listen to Rob wondering if Dana would enjoy her lunch, and take a ride in Kevin’s sweet car.

I remember a great deal from my visit last year, and I have a feeling, I’ll have strong memories of this visit as well. I work for a really amazing company.

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