Running the 2014 WordPress Theme

I am now running one of the new default themes that WordPress ships with. Created for the next major release, Twenty-Fourteen has been added to

From it’s release post:

For the first time ever, the yearly default theme for WordPress is ready to go before its namesake year begins. Consider it an early holiday gift from the WordPress community to you, a tradition we hope to continue for many years to come.

Say hello to the default theme for 2014, a magazine theme with a sleek, modern, and beautifully crafted responsive design.

I’ve changed it’s colours, and got it running, but I can immediately see the issue I’m going to have with it: despite colour changes, all 2014 blogs look the same. I’m going to have to customize the theme further if I want it to really feel like it is “mine”. Beyond that, I feel like it has a nice density of information. I feel like I’m showing more above the fold than I did previously.

One thing that’ll take some getting used to is having images in my posts. Twenty-Fourteen is very image oriented, and I haven’t been up to this point.

Overall, I am looking forward to using this new theme, and I’ll probably stick with it for a while. Expect to see some visual changes though as I steal things from any Child themes that come out, and try to find more ways to make it feel more unique to me.

3 responses to “Running the 2014 WordPress Theme”

  1. I’m trying it out too. Out of curiosity, how did you go about changing colors? I’m thinking of changing the default green to a nice orange.

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