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With everything that Sam had done for Kya, she felt a strong need to get to him quickly. She had no proof that Don was going to be an issue and track her down, but if he did, she didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.
The apartment door was locked. As she pulled her keys from her pocket, she felt a new wave of concern. She considered that Sam might have been intercepted. An imaginary scenario played out in her mind where Kya would have to trade her own life for his. She shuddered and opened the door.
“Sam?” She called out.
No one answered.
Immediately, she locked the door behind her and looked around to see if there was a note or anything to indicate where Sam was. She saw nothing. Her heart was pounding in her ears, as she knocked on his bedroom door.

“Sam?” She asked.
No reply.
Her hand dug in her pocket and retrieved her phone. She typed out a message to Sam.
>Hey Sam, where are you? Please let me know. Thanks.
With her free hand, she pushed her hair back from her face. She walked into her room and wrapped herself in the covers of her bed. Time seemed to slow down and nearly stop as she waited to hear back from her roommate. Her mind tormented her with involuntary and unsolicited thoughts of Amelia and Facillis. A knot grew in her stomach as she worried that Sam may suffer a similar fate.
Her phone vibrated and she was shocked to see that only three minutes had passed since she sent her message.
>I’m at work. What is wrong?
Relief washed over her and Kya laughed in spite of herself as she read Sam’s reply. She quickly typed a response.
>My meeting at SLT went sour and I made an enemy out of Mr. G. How did you know something was wrong?
>I know you too well. How sour? How much of an enemy?

Kya stood and began pacing her room as she frantically typed out a series of messages explaining her experience inside her old work, ending with Don’s rampage of the alleyway and her narrow escape.
>Kya, that’s not good. What are you going to do now?
>I don’t know. But I think you should stay away from the apartment until it’s safe. He knows where we live, and I’ve seen what he’s capable of.
>I’ll crash at friends. Don’t worry about me. BUT you have to take care of this, Kya. Neither one of us can hide away forever.

She knew Sam was right. Throwing a few essentials in her backpack, Kya left the apartment with a new sense of determination and hailed another cab.

The cab stopped in front of police headquarters and Kya felt apprehensive. She wondered if the sensor waved over Sam’s hand on their previous visit would show that she was now a Super. She also wondered if this was where Don was planning on intercepting her. It was his idea to come here and report him.
Her entrance to the police station was unmarked by conflict, and despite a rising level of nervousness, she found herself stuck inside her imagination, wondering how events were going to unfold.
“Hi, I’m here to report a crime.” Kya said. Standing there, she couldn’t remember getting to the small window where an officer, with an expression of disdain etched into his aged face, was sitting. Even her words slipped out before she had a chance to reconsider them.
Slowly, he raised his eyes and looked at Kya. She noticed the deep creases in his face, the skin looked leathery and his eyes tired. “Please wait.” The man disappeared and the door to her left opened. The officer, standing only as tall as Kya, walked towards her with the scanning device in hand.
Sweat poured from Kya’s brow as the officer waved the device over her outstretched palm. The light on the top went green, and the officer’s expression changed. He seemed lighter, more alive. There was an increase in energy that took Kya by surprise. It was as though he was standing at attention, and awaiting her orders.
“What can I do for you ma’am?” He said in a polite tone.
“Well, a friend of mine was murdered by a Super, and I’d like him to be arrested.” Kya feigned confidence as she stood firm, holding herself up, the energy from the officer providing her with drive and motivation.
“Do you have any evidence of this crime?”
“No, the evidence was destroyed, but I saw a recording of it before it was destroyed, and I’ll testify.” It was as though the words spewing forth were not her own. Kya couldn’t imagine putting herself in a situation where she would potentially have to tell the world that she had Supers. What if someone found out where she got them from?
“Follow me please.” The office opened the door he had come from, pocketed the scanning device, and walked into a sea of cubicles on the other side.
Kya followed quickly, staying only two steps behind. “Where are we going?”
The officer pointed at a door at the far end of the building. “We have a Psyker in our department. He can read your mind, see your memories, and that is considered trusted evidence.”
She knew that if the officer read her mind, saw what she saw, then maybe, finally, Don Georgetown would get what he deserved. Thoughts of Elliot finally getting justice also illuminated a large piece of her heart.
The door opened, and a thin man sat in a darkened room. He sat with his hands folded, resting on a wooden desk. He was sickly thin, and his skin looked untouched by daylight. His short, black hair matched his fitted black shirt and he continued to stare at the wall, unmoving, despite the interruption.
Inside the room there were no windows, the walls were painted in a blue-grey tone. There was something eerie about the man, and Kya entered the room before noticing that the officer who had escorted her wasn’t just holding the door open for her to enter, but also closing it behind her.
Kya took her seat, and sat across from the thin man. He wasn’t wearing a police uniform, and there were no personal belongings that Kya could associate with him. After a few moments of silence, she looked directly at him, and plastered a knowingly awkward smile on her face. “Hello?”
“Hi. Do I have your consent to read your mind?”
“Um, well… How does this work? Do you see everything or just the crime?” Kya wished she could have made a joke, in hopes of drawing any attention away from all of the secrets in her life, but she remained quiet.
The officer took a piece of paper from his desk and slid it and a pen over towards Kya. His face was expressionless, and his breathing was slow. “Sign this, please, if you give consent. I will only be viewing your thoughts on the crime. We will not use anything I see against you, and you are pardoned for anything illegal you may have done in helping bring this criminal to justice.”
Picking up the pen, Kya signed the form. “So now what do I-”
She began to relive the moments leading up to watching the video of Don and Elliot’s confrontation. She watched the whole scene unfold in her mind, and sat through the experience of checking the parking lot logs and then the eventual towing of Elliot’s vehicle. Once it was over, she gasped for breath and reached out for the table as a wave of dizziness overcame her. She saw the slim man sitting in front of her once again.

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