Second Class Supers Returns

After nearly three weeks, Second Class Supers is starting back up tomorrow with page fifty. If you were expecting something special because it is page fifty, then you might be a bit disappointed. I know that I had preconceived notions that we were going to have to make it an amazing page, but the page number can’t control plot developments, and we have a system and set of ideas in place and we weren’t willing to compromise those to push out something extra juicy just because of the page number.

Some of you might know that our break has been due to some family illness and one of the family recently passed. You might also be shocked to read tomorrows page as it relates heavily to what happened in our real lives. The best writing is inspired from real life, and I hope that rings true with tomorrows page. I also hope that if anything else happens in real life as inspiration for the book, it is purely positive experiences. (I wouldn’t mind some Supers!)

I want to continue to thank everyone for their support. We have some amazing cheerleaders helping drive us forward, and continuing to be of great support for our continued efforts towards crafting the story we want to tell. We couldn’t do this without the support we’ve received.

I also wanted to give you all a quick glimpse at an image that will make up the cover for our story.

cover_teaser We have a professional artist working on the cover for us. I’ll have to find someone to help with the text treatment, but things are getting closer. I want to give a big thanks to Leo aka dleoblack who I found on DeviantArt. Check out his full profile on DeviantArt.

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