I am one of the most opinionated people that I know. Even if I lack all of the information, I am willing to decide where I stand, and while I am willing to admit I’m wrong, or adjust my stance as new information comes in, I’m not one that gets paralyzed by choices.

One of the side effects of this is that I give out advice to people, especially when I see they are in situations that I’ve gone through or can empathize with. I am not certain my advice is warranted, or helpful. Sometimes people aren’t even asking for advice, but I feel protective of them and it just comes out.

Hopefully, I don’t cause more harm than good as I hand out what I feel are pearls of wisdom. Also, I don’t expect anyone to ever just blindly follow my advice. Everyone has to take their own path. But if in sharing my opinions, I can help people see things in new ways, and really analyze their options, then I feel I’ve helped them. For the most part, I just want to see everyone in my life be as successful as possible.

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