Second Class Supers – Page 32

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Sam set his tablet down on the dining room table and joined Kya in the living room. He turned off the air conditioner before sitting at the opposite end of the couch from her.
Kya caught Sam up on the news about Amelia and Elliot. She found herself going off on tangents to explain the stories, as she attempted to convey what was happening in her life with as much clarity as possible. He nodded as she spoke, his attention focused solely on her and his eyebrows knitted in concern. Once she had finished, she took a breath and twisted her fingers around each other, playing for time as she tried to figure out how to tell him about her job.
“Kya, what’s wrong?” He asked, leaning forward. “I mean, what else is wrong? I know something more is bugging you.”
The ease at which Sam could read Kya was something she had never experienced before. “It’s just.” She bit her lip, and tried to maintain her composure. “I lost my job.”
“I’m sorry. I know. I know I should have taken it more seriously. Don fired me. He replaced me with a machine.”
“Oh, Kya.”
“I know.” She stammered. “I’m looking for work… When I’m not trying to-”
“Help your friends.” His tone was conclusive, not like the question Kya assumed it was.
“No, Kya.” Sam stared deeply into Kya’s eyes and she did the same in return. She noticed the bright gray hues in his stood out amidst their clear whites. His eyebrows turned upwards with concern. “Help your friends.”
“Sam, we both know that we need the money.”
“No.” Sam shook his head and looked around the apartment. “Kya, we don’t.”
She followed his gaze, looking at the beautiful furniture, the large media shelving, and then stared at him in confusion.
“I can carry this place. It’s not a problem.”
“How? You’re just a teacher.”
Sam stood up and walked over to the counter and picked up his tablet while Kya stayed planted firmly on the couch. With his tablet in hand he walked back over to the black leather couch and sat down.
“I’m not just a teacher. I am also Samson Hart.” He said and unlocked the tablet before handing it to Kya. “Here. Do a search for me.” His tone sounded sad.
Kya took the tablet from him, but did not look at it.
“Do you remember the email I sent you about moving in here? I gave you all the details you would need to search me out online and understand who I am, my full name, my age. I really expected you to look me up. I searched for you. That was part of why I picked you.” Sam grinned slightly as he continued. “Did you know that you have almost no online presence? Well, except that blog you started when you first moved away from home. You stuck with it for a few months. I was surprised. You’re the only person I’ve met with such little info online. I was kind of impressed.” Sam shrugged and for a moment his tone seemed lighter.
Kya blinked. It had never occurred to her to search out a potential roommate online before moving in, but now she wished she had, as Sam suddenly seemed like a stranger.
He tapped his finger on the edge of the tablet in Kya’s hands and it sprung to life. The screen illuminating both their faces as they sat closer to each other. “Search for,” he said pausing for a moment, “Samson Hart.”
Kya opened up the web browser application and slowly typed in Sam’s full name. As she typed in each letter, the results were automatically whittled down until the screen filled with links to articles with names like Hart Family Tragedy, Quest for Supers Raizes Hart Dynasty, Multi-Billionaire Widower Disowns Son, Samson Hart Granted $98,000,000 in Court Battle with Family
Kya stared at the screen unable to process what she was reading. The room somehow felt darker, and everything more distant. The couch felt uncomfortable and Kya shifted in her seat. She tried to figure out what she was supposed to do with the new information in front of her. She hesitated, not sure if she was supposed to click on an article to read more. It was as though her bedroom was beckoning to her and she had to fight to remain where she was. The thoughts in her head started to loop around and around as she thought about every interaction with Sam she had ever had.
Sam cleared his throat and Kya flinched involuntarily. She had forgotten he was there.
“What is this?” Kya pulled her gaze from the screen and focussed on Sam. “Who are you?” She could feel heat rising in her cheeks, her muscles tensing as an overwhelming emotion filled her, though she was unsure what the emotion was. It felt a bit like fear, or rage, or jealousy.
“I didn’t want to talk about it. I expected you to find out for yourself.” Sam shrugged. “But you never did.”
Kya handed the tablet back to Sam and folded her arms. She stared out the window, unable to look at him.
“You know, for someone as brilliant as you are, I’m surprised how often you lack curiosity.”
“Wait! You’re rich!” Kya blurted out. “You could have bought us both Supers at any time without your bank account even feeling it.”
“I don’t want-”
“Why the hell did you take me in as your roommate?” Kya was nearly screaming, as she stood up and walked over to the window, still unable to look at the man sitting on the couch.
“I wanted-”
“What am I? Your personal pet charity case?”
“Kya.” His voice was low, quiet and sombre.
“No. Sam, I don’t want to hear it! I don’t need your pity!”
“Kya, It wasn’t pity.”
“Sure!” She laughed sarcastically and clutched her stomach as it started to churn.
In the reflection from the window, Kya saw Sam place the tablet on the coffee table as he stood up. He walked towards her. Kya turned to face him, and heat burned in her chest. Her lungs felt constricted. Her heart raced, and each beat sent near boiling blood racing through her body. She felt as though opening her mouth would let loose a torrent of fire.
“I thought I knew you.” She said in a rough tone and shook her head.
“I never wanted to hide this from you. I thought you’d figure it out.”
“So now I’m not just your charity case I’m your stupid charity case!”
Kya pushed past Sam and ran towards her room. She wanted to hit something, destroy something. Blinded by rage, she slammed her door, leaned against it and slid down to the floor, her legs giving way beneath her.

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