Wedding Costs: Money and Stress

They really do add up fast. Annie and I are currently pricing various options for our reception. Our first choice was taken and so was one of our second choices. Then, we finally got a price list for some other places, and they are coming in a few thousand dollars more than we can afford.

This evening, we go to sit down and price out options with two other places, and I’ve received a more reasonable price list from a local option.

I am hoping we can figure all of this out soon, as I’d love to have the reception nailed down. Then we just have to worry about completing the paper flowers, buying wedding bands, my suit, groomsmen clothing, bridesmaid clothing, getting the invitations out, picking a photographer and all the other little odds and ends of dealing with a wedding.

We have been super fortunate to receive gifts of service from many of Annie’s family and friends. Her sister is willing to make our cake. Other sisters, nieces and friends are helping with our paper flowers. Her friend is helping us with invitations. Her mom paid for Annie’s dress. This wedding has been a huge community effort, and I really appreciate it.

If I wasn’t so bad at budgeting, saving and whatnot, this whole ordeal wouldn’t have been so stressful. Though, a year ago, I had no intention of getting married any time soon. How quickly things change, eh?

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