Working Without My Laptop

So the last ten days, I’ve been without my laptop, and I’ve had to work from an iPad and my cell phone. I forgot my laptop at my place, all packed up and ready to go, before we went to Annie’s brother’s place.

I did the best I could during the time I was there, and even put in some working time on the weekends to try to make up for my lack of productivity. Yes, I can work from anywhere, on any kind of machine because my work is solely online, but working from a device that I don’t have set-up to fulfill my needs is quite different.

They did have high speed Internet, but I couldn’t really send or receive text messages during the time I was there. Also, on the final weekend, I was able to use Annie’s brothers computer to get some work done at a higher rate than using the iPad and my phone and while I could have usurped some of their technology more often, I felt uncomfortable doing so, and I was interested to see how flexible my work environment could be. I have done some work from my phone while on a train or bus before, but never an entire week from a tablet and a cell phone. That was new.

In the end, I don’t think I was able to get enough done, but I learned a great deal. I am happy that the team has hired a new support person recently, and that all the support is going through HelpScout because I could help out easily and see that they were doing just fine without me on other days. I also, thanks to the iPad, was able to access Google Drive and work on some documentation stuff. I feel like I’m about a month behind where I should be, but I’m now back home, and am getting back up to speed.

Side note – I didn’t realize how much I would miss my Logitech M500 mouse.

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