Quick Second Class Supers Update

So Annie and I have just put the twenty-second “page” online for everyone to read, and I’ve copied all of our content to a single document to see how long it would be, and it extends outwards to seventy-six twelve point font, 1.5 line height pages. For those that are interested, this means we’ve published over 27,000 words of writing thus far.

Some have asked where we are in the story? Well, I’m happy to say that we are just getting close to approaching the half way point. It looks like the final story might be between 40 and 60 “pages” of content or around 150 printed pages or more. Not too bad for our first collaboration.

We currently know what the story looks like at the end, and currently have the plot lines for the next dozen pages sketched out. We are still working on bridging those pages with the end of the story, but if the ease at which we’ve done things thus far continues, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I also want to make sure that everyone understands that what we are posting on our blogs is just a first draft. I’m in talks with someone to help edit our story, and we’ve already made a few notes regarding our own potential revisions. Beyond that, I’m looking at potentially getting a cover designed, and even maybe doing some fundraising to get the book published in softcover with an ISBN, as well as properly typeset for electronic reading devices like the Kindle, Nook, etc…

Annie and I have also discussed potentially working on other stories within the same universe, or continuing to collaborate on various writing projects, from short stories, to other small and medium length novels.

I would like to thank Becky, Kyle, Jordan and my mom for their continued support in reading, responding, and interacting with us as we develop the story. I hope that everyone is enjoying the posts, and I can’t wait for Annie and I to finish.

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