Kingston and Back with a Cousin in Tow

So, this past weekend, Annie and I made the trip up to Kingston where we visited some family, and then returned back to Georgetown, but not without bringing my cousin, Kyle, back with us. He will be staying with me for two weeks in my little bachelor apartment.

It is not the roommate situation he always dreamed of having, nor probably in the town/city that he’d want to be stuck in forever, but I’m sure he will enjoy himself with access to Annie’s laptop as a multimedia system for him to listen to the anime he brought with him on a hard drive, and the books and art supplies he also made sure he had.

Last night, we played Zombie Dice together, and my fiancee ended up winning two games out of the three we played. Then we went and saw Despicable Me 2, and enjoyed ourselves.

Today, I am back at work, and Kyle will have to mostly entertain himself. That’ll be difficult to do in Georgetown, but I’m hoping with Annie visiting at some point today, and potentially dragging him around to meet and interact with her family, I’ll get my work done and be able to socialize in the evenings.

We haven’t decided how we are going to send him back home yet, but I hope he has a good experience here, and it was nice seeing everyone in Kingston.

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