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When it was finally time to leave work, Kya couldn’t get away fast enough. She threw her hair in a messy ponytail even before she left the building, showing off her, now fading, purple streaks that were in direct violation of the Starlife Technologies dress code. She then pulled her phone out of her purse to text her friends. Before she could send a message out, she noticed that she had one waiting for her from Amelia.
>Hey K. Great news! I found out some stuff about the BMS. Text me when you can. Hugs!
Kya quickly scanned her memory to try and decode what BMS could mean, and after some consideration, she concluded it must be Black Market Supers.
Kya fought the urge to growl. She clenched her teeth and held her phone tightly. Tapping the on screen keyboard she crafted a response. >Seriously??? Leonard’s getting a Super… You’re getting a Super… This is crap. Today is crap.
But instead of hitting Send, Kya deleted the message and wrote a friendlier response.
>Hey Lia, I think I know what BMS means, but…
It only took Amelia a moment to respond.
>I knew you would. But lets keep it on the DL. Wanna swing by my work? I’m done in 15.
Kya sighed as she considered her friend’s question. She didn’t really want to go and felt it would be a waste of a bus token. It didn’t help that she also felt that she was in way too terrible a mood to be good company.
>Ok. See you in 15.
WARNING: I’m not feeling sunshine and lollipops.
>Awesome! See you soon!

The bus was half empty, as Kya got on and took her normal seat. Tossing on her headphones, she started playing some music. Before the first song had completed, the bus came to an abrupt stop. Flashing blue and red lights ahead caught Kya’s eye, and she watched as four officers approached the bus.
The driver checked his rear mirror, watching the passengers as he opened his door, and Kya could tell he was nervous. “Can I help you officers?” He said as two officers, an older man and a younger woman, boarded.
The older man held two devices and stepped near the driver. “We are looking for a woman, a fugitive Super, hiding among Normals. Have you seen her?” Displaying an image on his phone, he turned it towards the driver.
Kya couldn’t make out any details.
The woman officer rolled her eyes and nudged him on to continue the investigation. Her hands gripping her weapon tightly in its holster, she fixed her gaze on each of the passengers in turn.
Despite not having done anything, Kya felt her own pulse quicken. She tried to focus on her frustrating day at work, and not the meeting with Amelia she was heading to. If either of them have Telepathy, can they arrest me for thinking about black market Supers? The thought popped into her mind before she could do anything about it.
The older officer walked down the aisle and waved around a small scanning device, while the woman withdrew her weapon and pointed it at each woman being scanned.
As they approached Kya, she winced slightly. The younger police officer moved in closer, her gun pointed at Kya’s head. The older officer waved the scanning device over Kya, and the light continued to blink red. “It’s okay, it isn’t her.”
“Didn’t you have a picture of her?” Kya stammered.
The older officer responded in a calm and even tone while using both hands to gesture slowly. “We do, but she has the Polymorph Super.”
The female officer clenched her jaw and cleared her throat.
“So she could look like anyone?” Kya asked in a small voice.
The man maintained eye contact with Kya. “Her ability is limited to female shapes only, but otherwise, yes. Now please, stay calm and in your seat until we are finished.”
His partner cleared her throat again.
“Young people these days. So impatient! We were all born Normal, you know.” He said the last part with a laugh, but as he said it is eyes darted quickly around the bus.
Then they moved on. The male officer smiled politely at various people as the two officers continued sweeping through the bus. His partner never let her scowl lift. None of the travellers were found to be Supers, and the police vacated quickly. Just before completely exiting, the male officer turned back, and smiled one more time. “Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding. Have a great night.”
With that, he exited and the bus was waved through the checkpoint. Kya finally let herself breath a sigh of relief. She had felt like they were going to be able to feel her anxiety regarding the black market Supers.

Kya was at the Noble Brew when Amelia got off work. The coffee house was mostly empty, and many of Amelia’s co-workers were talking. Instead of joining them, Amelia quickly clocked out, grabbing her stuff and pulling Kya from the storefront into the hallway. No smiles and no goodbyes.
“You feeling alright?” Kya asked as soon as she had the chance. As they walked down the mall corridor. The advertisement for Supers came on, covering all the windows of the stores.
“Ugh, I just have so much to do!” Amelia said, striding briskly towards the bus station.
Kya fought herself to maintain her focus on Amelia. “You going to fill me in? You wanted to meet up with me.”
“Yeah, I didn’t want to text about it… I mean it’s not exactly,” she hesitated, like she didn’t want to say the word. “Legal.”
Kya raised her eyebrows and nodded slightly. “True.”
“I’m just not sure I want a record of it on my phone.”
“You want to slow down a smidge so we can talk about it?” Kya said nearly jogging to keep up with her friend.
Amelia complied and slowed her pace.
“So, you found out how to get Supers from the Black Market?” Kya said in a tone just above a whisper.
“Yes.” Amelia matched her tone. “I found a guy. Five Supers for five thousand dollars.”
“That’s a thousand a Super.” Kya said.
“Well… yes, Captain Obvious, it is. It’s also five Supers for one tenth the price of one through one of those government approved clinics.” She gestured to one of the screens where the Supers advertisement was just ending.
“Okay, Amelia, but is it safe? I mean, like Sam always says, there’s a lot of risks to getting Supers.”
“I’ve done my research, K.” Amelia said in a tone a little harder than Kya was used to.
Kya nodded. “Alright.” She put her hand on her friend’s arm.
Amelia turned, and stared eye to eye with Kya.
“Just be careful.” Kya said.

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