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Kya’s eyes shot open and she held her breath, waiting to hear again what had woken her with such a start, her imagination going wild. Seconds later, there was another bang coming from the living room followed by two muffled voices. Kya knew it wasn’t Sam, and something told her that things weren’t right. Slowly rolling out of bed, she stepped gingerly onto the floor of her room. The area rug dampening the noise from her footfall. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, and fought to control her breathing. Another small noise came from the living room. All of the things that Kya had imagined coalesced into one clear image: they were being robbed.

Kya took a deep breath and summoned all of the bravery within her as she opened her door, two shadowy figures stopped moving. Kya could see a glint off of the eyes of the closer of the two and realized they were both men, and both were taller than herself. Before Kya could get a word out, the two men darted towards the door, arms crossed over their torsos. She knew they were taking things from the apartment. Without thinking Kya leapt towards the door, trying to block the men from leaving. The three of them collided, and Kya found herself pushed to the ground. The two men stepped over her, through the door and out into the hallway. Kya’s head hit the floor and she felt pain ring through her entire body. Her eyes focused back into the still darkened apartment, and she saw Sam just exiting his bedroom.
Rage fueling her body with energy, Kya flipped around, and was back on her feet.
Sam yelled as he rushed towards the door. “Kya, don’t! It isn’t worth it!”
As she ran out into the hallway, Kya noticed that the doors of her neighbors were open, and many of them were peering out into the hall, most in pyjamas, but all of them witnessing the commotion. Chasing after the two figures, Kya watched as the emergency exit doors slammed shut. Her energy waning, and her head spinning, she gave up the chase.

She turned back, and looked at the few people still watching, mouth agape. “Why didn’t any of you stop them?” She said, out of breath and slightly confused. Kya knew that there were Supers living in her building, and no doubt some of these people staring at her must be among them. With that information flooding her mind, she concluded that at least one of them could have easily stopped the two men running from her apartment. “What is wrong with you people? I needed help!”
Sam came along side her, and wrapped his arm around her. “Let’s go back to the apartment.”
Energy slipped from Kya’s body as the adrenaline drained away, she leaned on Sam as he propped her up. She noted the broken door lock as they slipped back into their still darkened apartment. Her mind still reeling over what had happened, Kya couldn’t focus on anything as Sam let go of her in front of the sofa. Kya fell into it with a thud, and she could feel the aches from her fall anew.
“I’ll call the police,” Sam said turning on the floor lamp next to his chair.
The illumination did little to make things feel brighter or better as Sam went into his room to make the call. Minutes later, as he exited, he tossed his cell phone on the couch. His face twisted in frustration, he looked at Kya. “They said they can’t do anything about it. Did you take a look at what was taken?”
Kya felt anger shake her body once again. “What do you mean they won’t do anything about it? What about justice? They came into our home! Took our things!” Her voice getting faster and more high pitched as she spoke.
Sam calmly sat next to her, he put his arm around her shoulder. “Looks like they took my laptop and tablet, eh?” He sighed lightly and leaned against Kya. “It’s going to be okay. I can buy a new one.”
Kya felt violated. Feelings of insecurity, and frustration at the reaction from law enforcement shook her and had her blood pressure throbbing strongly through her whole body. It felt as though someone was pounding on a drum set right inside of her head. “I want to go to the police station. They should fingerprint the apartment, or at least try to run some kind of leads. Doesn’t our building have some kind of camera system monitoring the front entrance?”
Focusing on the idea of fixing the problem brought a sense of calm and purpose to Kya’s mind, and she felt her pulse slow.
“We could do that. Let me grab your coat.” Sam said almost too calmly, as he got up and walked to the front door.

It seemed to take an eternity for Sam to drive them there, but arriving at the Police station, Kya and Sam made a beeline towards the front counter where a younger officer sat, his head propped up by his arms and a look of boredom covering his face.
“Excuse me, can you help us?” Kya asked.
The office perked up slightly, looking at Kya. His gaze started at her head, moved down towards her chest, and continued to follow down to her legs. “What do you need?” He said in a voice sounding more like a sigh than a proper question.
Kya tried to keep her aggravation in check. “We were robbed. We called the police, but no one came. We were hoping you would do something to uphold the law?”
Sam put his hand on Kya’s shoulder, it helped steady her as she waited for the officer’s response.
“Were you robbed by a Super?” The officer replied.
“I don’t think so. No. They didn’t seem to be. But what does that have to do with anything?” Kya said.
Sam quickly interjected, “My name is Sam. Samson Hart.”
The young man behind the counter stood up and took notice. Kya turned her attention to Sam, her brow furrowed in confusion, she opened her mouth to question Sam but instead stayed quiet.
“Just a second, sir.” The officer said before disappearing outside the view of the small window in the counter.
A door to one side opened, and the officer approached. “Stick out your hand please, sir.” He gestured towards Sam.
Sam complied with the officer. A small silver device was hovered over his hand, and started to blink red after a few seconds.
The officer laughed. “Some Hart you are.” He said in a mocking tone, and turned his back to them. Before either of them could get another word in, the officer disappeared back through the door, slamming it closed behind him.
“What was that all about?” Kya demanded, still looking up at Sam.
“It’s a long story for another time, but I don’t think they are going to help us.” He said, frowning.
Kya could hear laughter coming from behind the door as Sam helped guide her from the building. Her anger rising once again, Kya felt a bead of sweat fall from her brow. “Are they laughing at us?”
“It’s going to be okay” Sam said opening the passenger door to his car. “Get in, and let’s go back home. I’ll get us a new lock in the morning, and some extra security.” Sam watched the road and spoke in a calm, even tone as if reciting a grocery list. “I’ll also pick up a new computer and tablet, and everything will go back to normal.” He turned his attention towards Kya with a tiny smile. “You’ll see.”
His words were little comfort to Kya as they drove back home. She focused on her breathing, trying to calm herself down, and willing tears not to fall from her eyes. All the while she felt spikes of rage and fear ripple through her as she reflected on different points of her night.
“They wouldn’t have treated us that way if we were Supers.” Kya said, breaking the silence as Sam parked the car.
“I know.” Sam said with a heavy sigh.

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