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I miss being part of the WordPress community. I never really left, but I’ve definitely been far behind the scenes. My work with rocketgenius and more specifically Gravity Forms has made me long for the days when I was writing about the developments in the community. I remember the passion I felt finding out what new things were happening, and chatting with Charles and then Jeff on their respective podcasts.

Things are so different now, and despite working in and around the community for a decade now, I doubt there are many people that still remember me or what I accomplished. Heck, even I, have probably forgotten most of what I did, so I can’t really blame others.

Many people will say that they didn’t join the WordPress community for fame, but I would definitely like to be remembered, even just by a few. I am also hopeful, in the near future, I’ll have the opportunity to really help build the Gravity Forms brand by sharing my passion for the product and become widely known, once again, in a segment of the WordPress community. I look forward to talking about Gravity Forms, its evolution, its usage, and of course my coworkers.

I miss the community that I was once a part of, and I hope that I’ll be welcomed back as I try to make inroads in building those friendships once again.

2 responses to “WordPress Community”

    • You are one of the few. 🙂 I really appreciate that you keep stopping by and keep in touch. There are few people from the “good old days” that I still hear from, and I know I’m pretty bad at catching up with people…

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