Wrist Pain

Yes, I know I’m opening myself up for a litany of jokes by posting about this, but here we go.

A little bit over a week ago, I started experiencing a pain in my wrist. At first, I couldn’t figure out what had happened, but then I realized it must have been due to an event that I completely shrugged off. While unloading the vehicles at Annie’s brother’s place, I was carrying a heavy cooler with my backpack on my shoulder. My backpack held all of my camera gear, and as I was walking, it feel off, and the strap slammed into my already stressed wrist.

At first, it wasn’t a problem, but by the end of the night, it was sore. Since then, it has been in a bit of pain when I put any kind of weight on it. Of course, it had to be my dominant hand, and so I keep making things worse by using it to open doors, lift groceries, and other things that only serve to remind me that I’m adding extra days of recovery by making such mistakes.

I am hopeful it is just a sprain, and not a symptom of something more serious. It has improved, especially in the last three days, and it hasn’t prevented me from doing my job, typing away endlessly on my laptop. I am also hopeful that it heals fast, but nothing feels like it heals as fast as it used to.

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