Minecraft – Fed the Beast

With my cousin, Mark, and I having a server to ourselves to play the Direwolf20 pack of Feed the Beast, we have been playing for several months, and have gotten to the point where we can do anything and everything and so the game has, once again, lost some of its appeal.

The mod pack gave us many hours of enjoyment, and even until recently, I was optimizing machines in the game to improve how things were set-up.

Here’s a quick video of just some of what we’ve done on the server. We’ve pretty much gotten all the end game items for both the vanilla game, and all of the high tier mod items.

Now that we’ve done all this though, there is little reason to keep playing. Eventually, I’m sure the mods will update with new features and ideas that will bring me back around to playing, but with my cousin, Mark, too busy to play, and Kyle not interested, I am probably going to shut down the server.

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