Visiting Family in Kingston

So this past weekend, Annie and I took a trip to Kingston to visit my family. It was an opportunity for them to see the engagement ring, give their congratulations, and just hang out.

It almost didn’t happen because Kyle was sick, and he is one of the people we look forward to seeing the most, and I think the feeling is mutual, so to come down, and not be able to visit with him, I figured that would be a bit mean.

Thankfully, it all worked out, and Kyle was feeling better by the time we arrived.

That evening, Annie, Kyle, Nancy and I went to see Oblivion at the new Empire Theatre in Kingston. I hadn’t previously been there, and it was quite nice. It had many of the modern amenities, though the main area wasn’t as clean as I had expected.

Oblivion was an okay movie, though a bit slow and predictable in parts. I recommend waiting for it to come out on DVD or streaming services.

The next day, we all went to the mall, and hung out there. I had a good time, and we met up with Carly and Mark during our outing. I even saw Karen and her boyfriend while at the Cataraqui mall, which was really neat.

Afterwards we went to Old Navy where Annie helped me pick out a hoodie and some new jeans. I was able to purchase jeans from Old Navy! They had some 42/32’s that fit me nicely, with a bit of room to spare. I am really hopeful that in the next two or three months I can move down to a 40/32 as I’ll then be able to buy pants at most places. My gut is rounder than I had hoped by this point, but slow and steady, I’ll trend downwards.

That evening we went out to a Japanese restaurant where the old Cora’s used to be near the mall, and we had a great time. Nine of us were there, and most people enjoyed the sushi while I picked at some beef and chicken to tide me over.

On Sunday, I woke up early to watch the latest episode of Hunter x Hunter with Kyle. He and I are following the series, ever since he introduced it to me a few months back.

Afterwards, Annie and I went to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Kingston, and had an amazing time. It was the best time I’ve had in a church in my life. The priest was older, but full of positive energy. His message mirrored exactly what I feel all religions should be preaching, one of acceptance and love. And when I went up, I received a full blessing and even a “thanks for coming up” and a pat on the arm.

It made me feel really great to be recognized, and a bit of extra attention paid. St. Joseph’s will definitely be our Kingston church when we are in town, though I doubt it will ever feel as great again as it was that first time sitting in.

Once church was done, we met up with my Grandmother and mom at Wind Mobile where she picked out a Motorola Razr V smartphone for herself. I didn’t get much time to set it up for her or play with it, but I’m sure over my coming visits, I can help customize it more for her needs. She decided she needed one as a bring everywhere camera, emergency device, voice recorder, calendar, and more. I am hopeful that she gets into text messaging, uses it to track pills, and other reminders, and really finds a place for it in her daily life.

Then, after a nice lunch with the two of them, Annie and I returned to Georgetown, using my cell phone the entire way to watch the traffic and avoid the worst of it.

All in all, it was a really nice weekend, and I can say that despite just visiting, I miss everyone greatly… Now I just need to find time to visit my Ottawa friends…

2 responses to “Visiting Family in Kingston”

  1. Really enjoyed the weekend time spent with you and Annie. Bummer I missed out on the movie Friday night. Oh well, maybe next time.

    • The movie was really a spur of the moment thing. We didn’t plan to go, but soon after Annie and I got there, I was just playing around on my phone, ended up on the Cineplex app, and ten minutes later, we left to go. 🙂

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