Gravity Forms 1.7

So, with the big new release of Gravity Forms, I will be able to start doing something I’ve been looking forward to since I started working for rocketgenius: create tutorials and screencasts.

Well, that is… as soon as I’m healthy again. No one wants to hear me coughing into the microphone.

Gravity Forms version 1.7 is a huge change in terms of user interface layout and where controls are placed, and it adds some great new features.

The team has moved the confirmations and notifications and made them more extendable. The changes, while it does take even seasoned experts a bit to get used to, are really amazing in the new flexibility they offer.

I am hopeful that I’ll be posting a test video on this blog in the next week or two relating to getting started with Gravity Forms. Wish me luck!

2 responses to “Gravity Forms 1.7”

  1. I’ve been playing around a little bit with the changes today. Not bad, does take a little bit of getting used to, but I can see the improvements and why they were made.

    • Yeah, I’m really interested to see how users take advantage of the changes. The flexibility also is helpful in our lead-up to release more big add-ons this year which has me super excited.

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