Ideas Aplenty

I have so many ideas, my mind is constantly racing. Sometimes, I go through a million ideas and there is just no organization to them. I think about stories I would like to write, blog posts, articles about technology, things I’d like to try out, questions I would like answered, and the list goes on an on. Sometimes, the constant stream of ideas make it difficult for me to act.

When I’m less stressed, like today, the ideas are flowing so quickly that I wish I had an easy way to organize and store them all. I used to write them in notebooks, but they have all been lost long ago. After that, I wrote them in notepads, but those files are long since gone many computers ago.

I have been storing them on Dropbox, but don’t have a good way of sorting, searching or otherwise organizing them. I am thinking about trying something like Evernote, or one of the many products out there for organizing bits of information. I hope to find something easy to use, inexpensive, and potentially even accessible from my Android device.

I know it is a great deal to ask, but sometimes the only way to quiet my mind is to write out my thoughts and ideas. If you know of any good thought organizational systems, please let me know. Tom has already suggested text files, but that is more or less what I’m already doing and not finding it sufficient for when I want to build out an idea that has multiple pieces, and potentially other file types like images or other multimedia.

2 responses to “Ideas Aplenty”

  1. Actually, I use one text file, called ideas.txt. It’s even in the dock on both my Macs (via Dropbox). When I have an idea, click on it, date-stamp, type the idea out, and save.

  2. I use for all that sort of stuff. It’s basically my electronic brain at this point. Makes organizing ideas dead simple and quick, and since it’s essentially just a creatively organized text file, it’s very easily searchable… and you can tag stuff now, which helps even more with that.

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