Georgetown doesn’t have many good high speed Internet options. It is really a Bell and Cogeco stronghold. I contacted Acanac as well as Teksavvy, but neither of them could offer me a cable Internet connection. I am not really against DSL, but because I’m not planning on getting a phone line, the dry loop fees put me over and above what I want to pay each month.

At Annie’s they recently switched to Distributel’s Internet offering, and so despite my worries, I have signed up with them.

Why would I be worried about their service? Well, back in the day, Distributel was a phone and dial-up Internet company. They provided cheap long distance, and when they worked, they were good, but there were many issues and complaints about them back then in my social circles. When I talk about “back then”, I mean when I was in High School, over a decade ago.

After reading some reviews online, it seems their Internet offerings aren’t too bad, but after dealing with their new customer process, I’m missing Teksavvy.

I sent all my information to them through their new customer sign-up form, and received a call from their customer service centre a day or two later. They went through every detail that I had submitted in triplicate. The gentleman that I had talked to had a thick french accent, and while I had no trouble understanding him, he repeated himself often.

Once the nearly hour long conversation was complete, I figured it was all done, and that I would have Internet soon. A few days later, I received another call, letting me know the service I wanted isn’t available in my area, and that I would instead have to sign up for a slower service. I would get half the speed I wanted, for five dollars less per month. There wasn’t much I could do other than sigh.

A few days later, I received, in the mail, the contract information that I had to sign and either mail or fax back to them. What is this, the stone age? So I faxed it back to them from the Canada Post service office near where I live.

The other day, I received the modem in the mail. I expected them to call and confirm my install appointment. They told me it would be two days after I received my modem, which would have been today or Monday. I called their customer service line to confirm, only to find out that it will be installed on Tuesday, February 5th, sometime between nine in the morning and five at night. It’s a good thing that I can work from home to be there for the install.

I hope their service, once installed, works flawlessly.

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