Minecraft with Mark and Kyle

So, the last month or two, Mark and I have been playing Minecraft, but not just any old version of the game, but the Direwolf20 Feed the Beast mod pack version. Kyle has also recently joined us, and as a three player game, it has become a lot of fun.

We have created worlds just for mining, built up cool suits of armour, have little golems running around doing things for us, and more. I am really enjoying the odd time I get to play with them, and jumping back on to see that things have progressed.

My eventual goal is to build a beautiful factory that just creates some complex machine from various parts automatically, but for now, I am enjoying the various things that my cousins and I get to do as we prepare to harvest Withers to get Nether Stars to build portal guns and whatnot.

If you haven’t played a modded version of Minecraft, the Feed the Beast system makes it incredibly easy. The only lacking part is that they didn’t create an easy system to upgrade servers as new pack updates come out.

I also can’t wait until I have real Internet hooked up at home so I can devote a bit more time to playing the game with them, and chatting over Skype as we do it…

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