Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer

Most people that know me, know that I’m a huge fan of Root Beer. My favourite being Barq’s, but most varieties are usually up my alley and their tastes are all so very different. Today, I had a bottle of Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer, a variety that I had liked as a child. Unfortunately, my experience today wasn’t one of being transported back to that childhood, but instead, tasting something more akin to medicine. I had never noticed this previously, so either the recipe has changed, or my tastes have.

This beverage gets a huge thumbs down from me, and I will endeavour to avoid it in the future. Thank goodness there are still thousands of varieties of Root Beer out there for me to enjoy.

Yup, a post about Root Beer. At one point, I was going to create a site where all I did was review different varieties…

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