I’ve been looking at Pinterest for a long time with interest. I avoided signing up because it looked really like a club for girls and women to post things they found pretty or interesting. And I am such a text focused person versus an image focused person, as many of you might have noticed by this blog.

But then, in looking at my girlfriends Pinterest boards, I started seeing the appeal. Here was a whole slew of images that told me a great deal about her personality, interests, style and humour, and immediately, I wanted the same for myself.

Since then, I have been adding things to my account like crazy. Annie and I have even worked together on adding some stuff. We had a little game where we each created a private, hidden board, and then pinned things to it for our super dream house. Then, after nearly a week, we added each other to it so we could share, and then discussed the choices over the phone.

Annie was able to add a lot more elements to hers than I was to mine, but we realized some differences and some similarities in the things we chose, and we had a great time dissecting each others choices.

Each day, I look at my pins, and feel a great sense of inspiration. It feels like a good snapshot of my interests, my personality, my style, and even a few things that are goals and desires. While I don’t see it as something that will hold my attention for a very long time, creating it was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend people give it a go.

Be warned though, it can be quite addicting at first…

If you would like to see what I’ve “pinned”, head here:

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