Christmas Wishlist 2012

So my aunt asked me today what I was hoping to get for Christmas and I have to admit, being homeless, I don’t really want for much. Having more stuff wouldn’t really be ideal with my two suitcases, and people really hate giving money, so that makes things difficult.

There are a few pieces of technology that would make things nice. I am also thinking about travel stuff.

I could use any of the following though:

  • 13″ Case, sleeve or otherwise for my Macbook Pro laptop
  • Gift Card – Via Rail, Amazon, Cineplex, NCIX, Apple/iTunes or Chapters
  • Socks – Size 13+
  • Micro-USB Cable(s) x 3 to Charge my Phone
  • Western Digital External Hard Drive, any size is useful
  • Logitech G300 or M500 Mouse

Beyond that, I really don’t know what I need. I’m pretty set for clothing other than socks. I don’t really have any hobbies right now that people can buy into to make me happy. So at the end of the day, I need very little.

Also, most of my family have already been kind enough to let me stay with them, and that’s more than I can really ask already.

Update: Chocolate is always a good gift.

Christmas Presents Received I have updated the list to cross off the gifts I have received. I’m a very lucky guy and have a wonderful family. I hope they enjoy the rest of their day as I travel to be with my girlfriend for the rest of the holiday festivities.

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