Selling My Desktop Computer

Last night, I reformatted and reinstalled my desktop computer. I backed up my files on two five hundred gigabyte hard drives before wiping away everything on the computer. I re-installed Windows 7, and then went through and updated the drivers, installed some basic essential pieces of software, configured how things start-up, and generally optimized the performance of the machine.

Today, I dusted off each piece, wiped it down, and disconnected it all, setting it aside for Barry’s wife, the new owner, to take possession of it tomorrow.

It might seem silly, but I am really going to miss my desktop computer. It was a beast, and a powerhouse. I was always able to play any game my cousins were interested in, and it allowed me to be super efficient in my job. I could multi-task on the machine in an almost endless way. I watched many hours of television and movies on it.

It was really the central object in my life in terms of productivity, entertainment, and communication, and leaps and bounds better than anything I had ever owned before, as this was the first computer that I really put serious money into.

Sure, I have a laptop now to work from, and I can always build another computer in the future, once my life is settled again, but I really enjoyed my machine, and I hope that Jo loves it as much as I did.

My post on purchasing my new computer – Bought a New Computer.

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