Ravenclaw: My New Computer

So, I recently bought a laptop. After going through and thinking about what was available in the marketplace, I determined that the following were the most important features: durable, good trackpad, and a good keyboard.

It came down to choosing between Lenovo and Apple. Back when Lenovo first acquired IBM’s business, they stuck to what made IBM’s so great: built like a tank. Today, very few of their models are built the same way, and as such, I have finally had to drop Lenovo as the manufacturer of choice for my laptops.

That meant, I really only had one choice: Apple.

This was hard for me to swallow. My last Apple computer was a lemon and I didn’t receive the stellar customer service everyone rants and raves about online. Add to that, the higher cost of the machines, and it took a fair bit of consideration before I went for it.

Thankfully, I was able to get the machine for a little over one hundred dollars off, but it was still more than I would have liked to have spent for a laptop.

I purchased a thirteen inch MacBook Pro. It is their base model, no upgrades, or special features. It isn’t the retina display model. It is their cheapest MacBook Pro. I hope at some point to upgrade the RAM, but beyond that, this will probably be the only computer I have for the next year or two.

My girlfriend is the one who named it Ravenclaw. I recently finished reading the Harry Potter series, and was looking for a name for it, and she suggested it, and I accepted.

So far, I have been pretty happy with it. It is small, light weight, and has a decent battery life. Also, it feels like it is solidly built, so hopefully it lasts for the three years my previous laptops were able to do.

My boss, Carl, asked me why I didn’t go for the MacBook Air, and at the end of the day, it came down to just wanting more ports, and more built-in storage. While it would be nice to have SSD speeds for things, I seem to eat up a fair bit of storage space, and I love having tons of ports. Also, having something thicker, just felt stronger and better to me.

Here’s hoping that Ravenclaw is up to the challenge of dealing with a computer user like me.

4 responses to “Ravenclaw: My New Computer”

  1. Not sure I could imagine life without using a PC; much as I’d love a laptop for the moments where you want to just “get away” from the “traditional office” and do work elsewhere! — Hope you keep everyone updated! 🙂

    • As soon as I’m settled, I’ll be building a desktop again… I know it. I just love the raw horsepower and the screen real estate. Going from 2x 24″ monitors to one 13″ monitor is going to be difficult, but it doesn’t make sense to have more screen real estate until I figure out where I’m going to live…lol.

      • Yes, I know what you’re saying with regards to the screen real estate. I love having the larger monitor than what I had previously. Saying all that though, I would imagine it’s something you’ll get used to, but the initial reactions are how small everything looks!

  2. I don’t know. I move between my two 24″ monitors and my laptop with ease. The only time I hurt on the laptop is when I fire up Final Cut. Then I can use, oh, three monitors. 😉

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