Getting Out and Back Into Habits

It is very hard sometimes once you are out of doing something habitually to get back into it. I’m finding it hard to find time and energy for writing here…

Yesterday, Annie mentioned that I should start blogging again. Partly because I enjoy it so much, and also because there is so much happening in my life that I’m not recording for the future (my memory is really poor).

I’ve recently redoubled my efforts to lose weight as the numbers were starting to go back in the wrong direction. My girlfriend has been very supportive over the last couple of days as I try to add more fruit and veggies back into my diet, and cut back on the crap. Of course, tonight, I’m going to treat myself at the movies with some junk food, but that’s okay. I don’t have to always eat perfectly. Everything in moderation.

There has been so many things happening, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what people will want to read, I don’t know what I’ll care to look back on.

I guess the first thing I should mention is where I’ve been spending all of my time lately. If I am not working, or reading novels (something I haven’t done much of in my life), then I am talking to Annie or travelling to or from the city she lives in.

With my birthday coming up, and then my plan to store my stuff and move to Kingston and couch surf for a while, I am starting to feel a bit stressed. I am hopeful that things turn out well, and I hope to find some more time to write again.

The Coles notes, which I hope to flesh out at some point are:

  • Visited Annie twice
  • Packed up a portion of my apartment
  • “Sold” my camera to a close friend
  • Read six Harry Potter novels
  • Worked lots
  • Weather has been effecting energy/focus/mood
  • Kept up with the US Election

And the crazy part is that the stuff I have been doing hasn’t been stressful. This has been my rest period of sorts before the stressful times ahead.

While I am not naturally a planner, I have found the lack of a future plan very disconcerting and stressful. Here’s hoping I figure things out, and more so that I find time to write on this site.

2 responses to “Getting Out and Back Into Habits”

  1. Hey, good post – glad you are thinking about getting back to it. I have been very lax about writing on mine too but hopefully I will get the motivation to get back to it as well. Wow! 6 Harry Potter novels – good for you. I remember you saying awhile ago that you didn’t have time to read – so I’m impressed.
    BTW – went to see Tracy & Duncan yesterday – they are holding up pretty well under the circumstances.
    Love you!

  2. Glad you are writing again. I like keeping up with what you are up to. I read all the Harry Potter’s one summer….great stories and even better if read close together. BTW lack of plans isn’t stressful, sometimes it’s called Adventure…enjoy!

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