Evenings and Weekends: Communication

Usually, one of my two cousins is around in the evening to chat, or play a round or two of a co-op or multiplayer video game. My cousin, Mark, now has a girlfriend, and between hanging out with her, work, volunteering, and whatnot, he hasn’t been around much lately. Then there is my younger cousin, Kyle, who has been spending a lot of time watching anime, and this weekend went to the cottage with the rest of his family.

The only other person I consistently see or talk to is my friend Tom, and he is currently camping with his wife for three weeks. So embarrassingly, I’ve been “all alone”, and as much as I am a geek, I can be a very social person.

I have taken to texting with Laura, Jamie, Karen, and Beth but I feel like I’ve been taking up a bit too much of their time with my constant texts, and have decided to ease back a bit so they can have lives that aren’t constantly being intruded on or interrupted by me.

They are all relatively new friends of mine that live in Kingston. I met them through Mark, and then through Laura. Interestingly enough, it would kind of look like links in a chain if you mapped it out, with one introducing me to the next, but that’s not the point of this post.

Anyways, I am probably going to take some quiet time this weekend and maybe most of next week, stay off Facebook and my phone, and maybe work on some more writing. Give everyone a break. If you are looking to get a hold of me, for whatever reason, the best way is through the contact form on this site or through my e-mail if you have my details.

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